Never, never give up!
Never, never give up!

"The Secret of Business Is To Know Something That No One Else Knows" 
Aristotle Onassis

If you are reading below, then you are lucky.


The main thing we are trying to write about below is a unique, inimitable for a number of reasons crypto project, which has a number of important aspects: cognitive, applied, material and flexible non-stop highly profitable referral marketing.


We really believe and hope that in some 2-3 years every family in any country on our planet will have a BACKOFFICE (personal account) and an application (Applications) in a smartphone for keeping some part of their assets, for their constant multiplication, remote transmission crypto assets to each other while talking on a special messenger on the blockchain with the help of this business using this crypto platform.

This project is designed for ordinary users of a Personal Computer, laptop and smartphone, that is, it will be able to cover over time up to 97% of the world's population. Because it is 4th technological revolution.


Nowadays, many crypto projects and cryptocurrencies often fail. This creates the general impression that dealing with cryptocurrencies is not a good business. Actually it is not.

In order for your crypto business to be successful, several conditions must be met:

1. Favorable legislation is required for engaging in cryptocurrency activities in the country of registration and conduct
    of this business.

2. The founders of a technology company must be influential people in the country where your crypto project
    is implemented.

3. Your tech company should only mint cryptocurrencies that have been ordered by reputable companies under
    Digitalization and Tokenization contract. There are about 19,000 cryptocurrencies, but no more than 0.1% of them        are produced under the Digitalization and Tokenization contract.


4. Your cryptocurrencies must be listed on at least two centralized crypto exchanges.

The business idea is as follows:
(Please see

(1)BACKOFFICE has multiple crypto wallets to accept multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin , Ethereum, etc.

When a cryptocurrency enters red arrow b its corresponding wallet, it converted into EURO on the main display in BACKOFFICE
red arrow a:


(2). The Owner of BACKOFFICE in the Shop red arrow c located inside BACKOFFICE buys a physical HUB or in-house mode, the production capacity of a part of the HUB (1/32, 1/16, 1/8, ¼ or 1/2), or 1 or more complete HUBs for minting coins of crypto-currencies, which are produced under the Digitalization & Tokenization contract.



So far, the company has four contracts with the following directions:

- Ecology (Certificates for CO2 greenhouse gas emission quotas);
- Real estate in Graz, Austria;
- Film industry;
- Drone for cargo transportation.

(3). HUBs produce tokens, and their number is growing every day in BACKOFFICE.

BUSINESS DIAGRAM (To see the large view, please click!)

(4). The produced tokens must be transferred to a special Application on a smartphone, one of the functions of which is
a multi-wallet.

(5). Tokens need to be withdrawn from a smartphone (wallet) to a crypto exchange, where they can be sold for a good price. They can also be exchanged for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which can be returned to BEСKOFFICE and repeat the whole process again (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) to promote the business.

(6). If the participant wants to receive fiat (paper) money, then after withdrawing the tokens from the Application on the smartphone sends them to the crypto exchange, where he sells or swap them for fiat money.


There are about 19 thousand cryptocurrencies, but only no more than 15 of them are currently under contract for Digitalization & Tokenization. The focus in our time will be on crypto companies that are able to use blockchain technology to meet real customer needs and solve real problems. If you hear about problems with any cryptocurrency, then analyze the information using the following two factors:
1). Time factor - the problem occurred before September 1st, 2022 or earlier.
2).Technical factor - the cryptocurrency is on a contract for Digitalization & Tokenization.

The Company reasonably expects a significant increase in orders for signing contracts for Digitalization & Tokenization for the production of tokens from other Customers. The company plans and guarantees this business to everyone until at least 2040. However, most likely, the business will continue much longer, as tokens under Digitalization & Tokenization contracts grow in price when they are listed on crypto exchanges and their use greatly improves the quality of services of the corresponding business for which they are minted.


We invite you to register with us on the crypto platform. Read documents, attend ZOOM presentations, and then make a positive or negative decision about your financial participation in our business. So far, after a careful study of all the information materials, no one has yet been able to refuse.


Our business is unique and inimitable on our planet. It cannot be copied and reproduced by any other company or companies for the reasons stated in (above) 1,2,3, and 4.


For everyone, including people of any profession, to get additional income, this is just a very good second business, in which, unlike any other, there are a huge number of advantages: you only need a computer, a smartphone and the Internet to work. You can work at any time convenient for everyone, regardless of the season, time of day, etc.

Everyone can work in any physical form, at any age from 18 years and above and there are no other age restrictions.
If you are interested in the above, please let us know and we will send you a request for your data, which we need for your registration on the crypto platform.

We will arrange registration for you on our crypto platform, you will be able to go inside BACKOFFICE to get acquainted with the documentation, video tutorials and the schedule of live presentations of webinars in Zoom, and a special Zoom works for you two or three times any working day to clarify any questions that arise about our business.



Thank you and with our best wishes,


Crypto Team

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