Never, never give up!
Never, never give up!

This is a unique crypto project, which has a number of important aspects: cognitive, applied, material and flexible non-stop highly profitable referral marketing.

Let's start with our assertion that this is a unique project, the real start was made on September 1st, 2022. There is no MINING (“extraction”) on the project at all, in which ordinary people for the extraction of cryptocurrency as investors or mini-investors are usually not invited, since there is no need for this. Ordinary people have practically no chance to take
their financial participation in MINING.

Our crypto project is engaged in MINTING (“minting”) of cryptocurrencies under signed contracts with Customers for Digitalization and Tokenization.

In this type of business, mutual interest arises between the Customer, the company and mini-investors. It is very difficult for the customer to get a bank loan for a cryptocurrency that will only be produced, but it is not yet on the exchanges, because it will only need to be produced (“minted”) under the contract. In this situation, ordinary people got a real chance to invest and earn on the elite cryptocurrency business.


Why do we say that the project is unique. Because it requires suitable crypto legislation in the country of registration, a license for the production of cryptocurrency and, most importantly, permission to sign such a contract for Digitalization and Tokenization approved by the International Financial Regulator. This is only possible so far in the UAE in a company where one of the main founders is a member of the royal family.


We say that this is an educational project (cognitive). Each participant will receive invaluable knowledge on the 4th technological revolution: blockchain, smart chain, minting, staking, swap, wallet, crypto exchange, etc.


Applied - this means that the structure of BACKOFFICE, the Application on a Smartphone make it possible to use them without changing anything in other independent projects, for example, transferring cryptocurrency through a messenger on the blockchain to an interlocutor during a conversation, monetization on YouTube with automatic boo. Accounting, organizing work in the Hotel & Catering business, in an online store, entering BACKOFFICE using a QR-Code scanner to quickly transfer funds from one BACKOFFICE owner to another, etc.


Material - everyone decides for himself, according to his financial capabilities, how much he can invest in this project of his family's financial resources, since the production facilities for minting cryptocurrency are sold in parts: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, ¼ and ½ up to one full HUB.


Flexible non-stop highly profitable referral marketing is a very interesting form of earning for almost everyone who is on our crypto platform.

Conventionally, all participants can be divided into three categories:

- student (bought 1/32 HUB for 100 Euro). Gets crypto knowledge practically for free. Either he brings investors who buy HUBs and gets his good % from each purchase.

- mini investor (bought from 1/16 to 1 full HUB). Gets knowledge + small profit. Advises other investors who buy HUBs and gets his good % from each purchase.

- investor (bought more than 1 complete HUB from 998 Euros) Gets knowledge and good profit.