BLCO technical specification

The Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil shall comply with the following Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
Official Technical Specifications:


Specific Gravity @600 deg.F


API Gravity @600 deg.F

34.0 - 37.0

Water content by Distillation

1% (VOLUME) max


0.06  - 0.2% Vol

Upper Pour Point

Below 40 deg. F

Sulphur Content,

Less than 0.14% (wt)

Reid Vapor Pressure

6.52 Psig max

Salt Content (PTB)   

3.16 max


Dark Brown

Acid number

0.39 max

Iron wt, ppm

1.00 max

Vanadium wt, ppm

2.00 max

Nickel wt, ppm.

4.00 max


P.T.B. at 0.10% bs& w 47 max