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Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are a team of professional lawyers, financiers, consultants, auditors and managing partners of various funds.

Our Group specializes in financing commercial business projects, as well as short-term working capital financing for companies and organizations operating in various fields and geographies.

Our competence includes comprehensive preparation and independent assessment of projects and companies for their subsequent financing or sale to specialized buyers.

We provide excellent services to help grow our clients around the world.

We are dealing with different types of Consulting:

  • Investment Consulting;
  • Financing Consulting;
  • Transport and Logistics Consulting;
  • IT Consulting;
  • Cryptocurrency Consulting;
  • HR Consulting;
  • Trading Consulting (UREA, Pet Coke etc.);
  • Petroleum Trading Consulting: (EN590 10PPM, JET A1, LNG, LPG) - Spot and 12Months Contracts;
  • Search for products (commodities) in different countries of the world;
  • Search and supply of natural resources from Africa - crude oil, rare earth metals, minerals & etc.
  • Search for grantors and grantees for charitable foundations and organizations;
  • Moreover, many other interesting business areas.

What network members get
1. Regular information exchange of business information.
2. Support from our industry experts in the form of consultations.
3. Access to the database of projects and commercial proposals.
4. Meeting partners from other countries.
5. Advertising and legal support.
6. Regional promotion and support of your transactions for your projects.

We invite partners working in the listed areas to cooperate to expand their network of contacts and monetize commercial information.

With Best Regards,
Vitalii DRUT